Your e-Commerce Website Can’t Exist without these Three Pages

If you’re in search for an e-commerce solution for your website, here you can find some suggestions and e-commerce tips on how to improve your website and get more sales.


Blogging is the thing to do if you want to have the correct e-commerce marketing strategy. It can help your e-commerce website to get a ton of traffic which (of course) will result in getting more sales than previously.

Opposed to what is believed, starting your own online blog isn’t difficult at all. Blogging is all about utility and helping. You can upload blog posts with how-to instructions, give tips to people or just have a chat on something. Let’s say your e-commerce website is selling clothes. If you create fashionable looks with clothing from your store, that could motivate your readers to buy them and share them with their friends/family which creates a sharing circle that will increase the number of traffic and visits on your e-commerce website. This is what makes it the most used e-commerce marketing strategy by online fashion store owners.

But, the most useful aspect which makes blogging one of the top e-commerce solutions is getting exposure. By having a well-known blog, when someone searches for something related to your niche, your e-commerce website will appear in the top results and this is one of the biggest advantages you can have. Top search results have proven to have the biggest traffic on their websites, making sales much better than those who don’t appear in the top results.

Help & FAQ

You have to make sure your readers are well informed on everything. I know that if I can’t get the answer to something I want to know fast, I close the website and I’m guessing most of you do that too. So, having a Help &FAQ page on your e-commerce website is of core value to your business’s future. It lets your customers get the answers they need without having to wait for a few days.

Make sure to include anything that would be of interest to your potential buyers and that you have everything they might want to know. The more information your customers have, the easier it would be for them to make a purchase.

Shipping and return policies

Selling online is all about shipping and return terms. Customers must be informed on how and when their products will be shipped and delivered and if they can return it if there is any problem with it.

Having your shipping and return terms listed on your website will give your clients a sense of safety and trust towards your e-commerce website. If your customers know that their interests and money are safe and protected, the chances of them buying your products are much greater than they would be if you don’t convince them that you have their best interest.

These e-commerce tips won’t guarantee you the success you want, but they have proven on numerous occasions in the past that they have great influence on how your business will be viewed by your clients. Making a good impression is always the key. Find the best e-commerce solution for your business that will give you the best chances of success and follow it.

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