4 Winning Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

A while back, e-commerce was revolutionary. Today, online shops rival coffee shops in their ubiquity. This has resulted in fierce competition in the industry. To outdo your competition, you need to adopt a number of winning strategies in your marketing campaigns.

This post focuses on proven e-commerce marketing strategies that are guaranteed to help your e-commerce business rise above the competition.

Make use of free digital marketing tools

To boost your revenue, you need to keep your customer acquisition cost (CAC) at a minimum. Taking advantage of free advertising is an effective way to achieve this. You could –

  • Create quality content that ranks highly for keywords of low to medium difficulty. This will generate traffic from organic search. SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush can help you research favorable keywords.
  • Reach out to influencers and negotiate win-win deals where money is not involved. You could, for example, send them free products to sample.
  • Treat your affiliate partners favorably and create an affiliate program that is enticing to them.
  • Find and connect with customers on social media platforms.

Focus on creating long-form content that sings

As counterintuitive as it may seem, long-form content is proving to be a more effective marketing tool than keyword use. You should develop catchy, engaging and ultra-sharable content without a primary focus on keywords. Search engines are increasingly indexing social media so focusing less on keywords, and more on shareable content will improve your search engine rankings as opposed to hurting them.

Use offline marketing to complement your digital marketing efforts

Offline marketing is still effective for e-commerce brands. Reaching all you potential customers with digital marketing alone is practically impossible. To grow your brand awareness and capture a more diverse audience, you need to take advantage offline advertising such as TV ads.

Redefine your focus on e-commerce conversion rate

Driving traffic to your site isn’t enough, you have to optimize for conversion. The first step to optimization is, understanding your current conversion rate issues. Quality e-commerce platforms provide a variety of transactional reports telling a story of how customers engage with your offering.

The next step is identifying the products that provide the most revenue not through individual sales but through providing cross-selling opportunities. Offering items as a bundle generate more revenue per conversion than offering them individually. You can sell complementary products together as a discounted package by either creating the bundle yourself or allowing customers to build their own.

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